About Leslie Morris

I spent my childhood reading everything I could get my hands on. It helped with my insatiable curiosity, something I still have today. In the second grade I taught myself to type and produced my first newsletter, the Orinda Gazette. Fortunately the invention of the word processor came shortly thereafter.

A degree in journalism came next. Following my years at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I looked for work in writing. I did manage to land an amazing job but, with the necessity of supporting myself in San Francisco, took to the marketing side of publishing and never looked back. From there I worked at three software startups which, this being the early 1990s, went public.

Since hanging my own shingle in 1999, my love of language and detail-oriented project management skills have helped me provide marketing and communications consulting services to technology, public sector and energy clients.

When I'm not working I downhill ski, bake and build Habitat for Humanity communities with my husband and our three teenage daughters.